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It’s Really Simple: Back Up Your Data!

It makes no difference if you work for a multi-national corporation or run a home-based business; there is no excuse to ignore the task of backing up data. It should be considered as important as bathing or eating, if not more so!

The cost of backing and keeping data secure is minimal compared to the price of becoming a victim with no options. Sadly, however, it happens every day and it can certainly happen to you. You must be prepared!

There are three easy rules to avoid the worst-case scenarios and achieve a relative sense of security:

  1. create and schedule a backup as often as possible to minimize the potential loss of data entered following the most recent backup.
  2. regular testing must be performed to be sure your data can actually be restored as expected.
  3. all backups should be inaccessible in such a way as to be immune to vile attempts by hackers to destroy same.

Of these, number two is often ignored and number three is rarely considered as well as being the most difficult to achieve but it can be done.

Backups requires planning, execution and monitoring. The reward is that it will pay for itself when (yes, when) it becomes necessary.

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